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So, I'm writing a story that's written partially from first-person POV, partially through dreams and memories, and partially through newspaper articles and tape recordings. It isn't really serious, just something I'm dicking around with for r/nosleep to stay sharp. I was on the LBTH website to find an example article of a missing persons' report, and out of morbid curiosity, clicked on the section that had unidentified corpses.

I wish I hadn't.

I can't describe the way I felt looking at those pictures, the flood to my stomach. Most of the faces had been reconstructed into smiles, and just...there was nothing normal or happy about them. It was absolutely grotesque, and disturbed me so greatly that I had to close the window after thirty seconds. That's the longest I looked for, but those images are literally burned into my mind.
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Iris holds her bubbies, says "dada" and grabs EVERYTHING I hold. She even takes cups and tries to drink from them, and puts spoons in her mouth. She also likes rings. She grabs at my and my mom's rings. She's insatiably curious. :D I love it.

Saw DH P 2 last night. It was all right. Not quite as epic as I thought it'd be, but satisfying enough. The little touches that I enjoyed were Helena Ravenclaw going all scary about Voldemort, Narcissa and Lucius calling Draco over to them, and the part during the battle when Fenrir Greyback was noshing on that little girl's throat. All in all, I didn't think it was fantastic, though. It was, I don't know...short. So, so much important stuff was left out and the sense of time was seriously altered. Like...the Gringotts plan? That took months and months to compose. The whole book was compressed into a couple weeks in the movies. The trio planned the Ministry invasion meticulously, too, over a LONG period of time and just, well, I don't know. I was mad at the fact that Bellatrix's treasure didn't have the scalding spell on it--the Gringotts bit seemed a lot easier than it actually was, with none of the panic or claustrophobia that was in the book. Also, Arianna? Guess she isn't important. Guess Grindelwald isn't important too, or you know, the WHOLE BIG THING about Dumbledore's past, that doesn't matter either. Bella's death scene was tragically unsatisfying, there was no passion to the Molly vs. Bella. I really think that the drawing Makani did of it was better. I liked the Snape/Lily part (I cried) and the Resurrection Stone part (I bawled)and the dragon was cool looking, and the part where Harry and Ron got shirtless was hot, and the Ron/Hermione kiss was perfect, and the way the dead looked after the battle was neat, (nice WW2 references) but mostly, eh. Just eh.

The Roquelaure family spell, I've decided, is sort of like Fiendfyre in the sense that the conjured wolf remains only through concentration of the caster. The Howl deafens all within proximity, temporarily, however, anyone in close range can suffer shattered eardrums/permanent magical damage to one's hearing. Isadora mauls Dante to death with the wolf, however, in the process, she deafens herself and shocks her hair white. Dark magic, you know. No idea if the damage is permanent, though. Probably not, I don't want to take her piano away from her. Long term damage in any case.
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Iris gives kisses now :)

I hold her up and kiss her cheeks and say "kisses!" Then I offer her my cheek and say "give mama kisses!" and she kind of opens and closes her mouth on my cheek. It's sooo adorable. I really think she's trying to kiss me. She does it all the time. Or she's eating my sweat or something. But don't kill my joy with logic xD

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Modeling: It's the Opheliac in me

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Modeling: It's the Opheliac in me

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Modeling: It's the Opheliac in me

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  • Fri, 14:36: "you got a booty for a white girl." Oh I know. I just don't know where it CAME from.
  • Fri, 15:16: She's all pissed because I put a hat on her http://t.co/mExq6KOo
  • Fri, 19:09: Reading the wasp factory. I like it so far. It's funny.
  • Sat, 00:44: This place is becoming intolerably fascist in the manner of its function and I am taking steps against it #harbourhoes
  • Sat, 00:44: Found a daily 20 minute workout that positively kicks my ass. But I feel good.
  • Sat, 04:31: I think I am living with an honest to christ prostitute
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I just went through my drinking, partying, and booze tags on LJ and realized that I was an alcoholic the whole time that I was with Greg, a bad one, a serious one. I was binge drinking before I even turned eighteen.

I was so depressed.

Holy fuck.

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The icon speaks for itself.

So Saturday we went food shopping and my mother decided to follow me. Like tail me. I tried to very nicely tell her several times indirectly that I wanted to shop by myself and she just wouldn't listen to me. Finally, I said "I guess you can't take a hint." and she stormed off. We went to another store and my father and I said we were going inside because we only had like 3 more things to buy. She agreed to sit in the car with the baby. We got back in the car and I got a "She may have to burp, she may be uncomfortable, but what do I know?" completely unprovoked. I asked what that was for and she goes "you really hurt my feelings in the supermarket. How could you talk to me like that?" right after I just spent like $160 on groceries for them, so I called her ungrateful and she called ME ungrateful, so I said I had nothing to be grateful for, considering she let me WALK to the doctor's in the snow while I was pregnant and constantly makes up excuses to not take me to go see Colin even after I give her "gas" money.

So, shit escalated and she decided to storm upstairs and lock herself in her room like a twelve year old, I told her she couldn't eat any of the food I just bought if she was going to be a dumb immature bitch, and that was fine for awhile. She ate the stuff my father bought, (even though a whole pound of cheese disappeared in one day. hmmm.) but then I caught her getting other shit and she goes "I can eat what I want and you can't stop me. Ask your father, he SAID I could." (right, he said you could eat the food that I bought.) So I lost my temper and we started heatedly arguing, she told me to "go back to the psyche ward" at one point, in reference to shit that happened like three years ago (really?) so I lost it and I told her that we were done. I didn't want to see her, I didn't want to talk to her, we are done, stay away from Iris, too. And she whined to my father, of course, but then that was that.

Monday, she comes home with cookie dough and tries running into my room all excitedly, going "I got cookies! I got cookies!" as if that makes everything all better. I told her to go away. She did.

Tuesday she and my father went and smoked and drank a lot, so she left me alone then, too.

Today, I took Iris out for a walk and bought some stuff at Shaw's. Timing on my part was impeccable, because I got home the minute she got home for lunch. She came up to me by the stroller and goes "How is she?" once again as if I'm supposed to just drop all the crazy shit she pulled over the weekend. I reminded her to go away. She made a noise and did. I go into the kitchen to put the food away, and she loudly goes "Hi Iris!" I tell her to get away from her.

"I'm not near her. I was talking to her."
"I don't want you to."
"Well that's just too bad, isn't it? I don't want you to watch television (because she pays FORTY DOLLARS A MONTH FOR THE ELECTRIC BILL AND HAS NO OTHER BILLS BESIDES HER CELL PHONE) but you do."
"And I don't want you to eat the food I buy but you do."

Silence. She continues to make a sandwich and I continue to put the groceries away. She asks my father what we're having for dinner and he says he doesn't know. I tell him I got a lasagna and she goes "Oh, for everyone?"
"Well, you're going to eat it even if I tell you not to, so I guess so, yeah."
"You know, all you have to do is apologize."

I tell her that I'm not going to apologize because I like not having to talk to her or her to me, and she goes "Great! Me too!"

She goes back to work and calls to bitch about me to my father like an hour later. At this point I'm really just furious so I send her a text message saying that because she is clearly incapable of heeding verbal warnings, if she comes near me or Iris again, I'll deck her in the jaw, plain and simple. Now, you all may think that this is extreme, or mean, or immature, but I have given this bitch more chances than I can count. I have put up with her crazy shit for almost ten years, now, and I just can't do it anymore. I have literally tried everything to make her stop, or at least tone down her behaviour. I have tried moving out and moving back in, wasting thousands of dollars to do so. I have tried the silent treatment. I have tried making boundaries--simple boundaries. You stay away from me, I stay away from you and we go about our lives kind of deal. But she won't listen. She won't follow simple guidelines. I politely tell her to stay away from me and she blatantly ignores my request. I am not a violent person, not in the least, but I have had it. This woman literally thinks she can do whatever she wants when she wants to and has no respect for anyone. If she wants to do something (like see my daughter when I told her to stay away from her) she's just going to do it. I am really, really beginning to think that she needs an ass kicking to teach her a little fucking humility.

Text message transcript, had to delete the first sent where I told her I'd kick her ass because my outbox was filling up.

"I will have u on assault u r so inferior ur insolence shows how immature u really r"
"Yeah, but not before I fuck you up. It's my first offense, I'll get probation, bitch. Stay away unless you want to explain a broken face to your coworkers."
"Ha 1st offense my ass u have a record stop threatin ur mother"
(she is of course referring to three years ago when I tried to kill myself and was in a psyche ward for three days.)
"You are my mother only biologically. You are nothing to me. And yes, I have a clean criminal record, you stupid bitch. Just stay away from us. I mean it."


Me: "Lol, cry to your husband, that'll fix everything. Dumb bitch."
Her: "Please get help."
Me: LOL. After you! Send any anonymous letters, lately? How's your "cookie"? oh, the vics and coke treating you good?
(http://ashe-romeo.livejournal.com/444435.html in case you want backstory on that one)

And nothing after that, it's been an hour.

I need to move out like now.

Unfortunately, Colin thinks I'm just being angsty and doesn't understand how crazy this bitch really is. He hasn't had a taste of her insanity yet.

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